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The Reverend Abbot
Jason D. Boyd


Abbot Jason D. Boyd


Episcopal Coat of Arms

Abbot Jason D. Boyd

The Episcopal Coat of Arms for Celtic Society of St. James Abbot Boyd is based on the movement of the society represents the Lion of Judah being lead by the Holy Spirit to bring re-creation to the world centered within the traditional green galero (ecclesiastical hat) and tassels on the Coat of Arms for a bishop dating back to the pre-16th Century Church tradition.

Jason grew up in a world of silence from an early age.  For most of his childhood, he spent time camping in the deepest part of the National Forest that technology and TV/Radio airwaves were unreachable and in the backyard of his parents’ home in Mississippi. What he learned in his youth now comes to the world he hears but has not forgotten the silent God. 

With a long lineage of Methodist pastors from his great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, Jason follows their steps and the roles of reaching out to God’s children.  Shortly after he graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor's degree in Geoscience, Jason later changed his denomination to the Episcopal root where John Wesley once branched from.

Through the years, he studies Celtic Christianity under the leadership of Bishop William (Liam) Flint that who later installed the new order of the diocesan, The Society of St. James, brother of Jesus. Then Jason is now a monastic Bishop of the new society and brings a Natural Theology to us that has been forgotten or not emphasized as much as it should be.  

The choirs of Nature are singing all the time the praises of their Creator. We simply must be silent and listen. The Eucharist is all around us in Nature, for it was by the hands of Christ that it was made. The Ancient Celtic commune with God in Nature that comes close to His reality as we as human creatures can.  The thin places of the natural world are still reminiscent of Eden. 

During his ministry without a monastery, Jason provides Celtic Christianity services in the backyard to all God’s children, a new lens that he has experienced through a world of silence. 

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