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Response on Homosexuality and Heterosexuality from a visitor to the site.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The word homosexual wasn’t added to the book or until 1946 when a translation team used the word (which didn’t even exist in English until the 18th century). It was later challenged by a seminary student regarding the translation from the words “malakoi” and “arsenokoitai” from 1 Corinthians 6:9. The head of the team, Luther Weigle, later admitted that the use of the word was inaccurate. However, he had signed a 10 yr contract which wouldn’t allow him to change the RSV during that time. During that time other teams were working on other translations (NAS, LB, NIV). These translations fell back on the RAV for the use of the word homosexual, not knowing the RSV team had redacted it. The word was later replaced with “sexual perverts” which was intended to describe those who were abusive in their pursuit of sexual encounters. Yes, gay people can fall under that umbrella, but so can straight people for that matter. What you DO NOT see is any condemnation for monogamous gay couples. My faith is set on three pillars: scripture, tradition, and reason. If we follow the lines of “sola scriptura” then we are condemned for a whole lot more than we currently accept. Also, slavery would be justified, marriage wouldn’t just be one man and one woman either. Ultimately, Jesus (who said nothing about homosexuality), commands ya to do the following: Love God, love your neighbor. Those are the summation of the law. A law religious folks were obsessed about. They were so obsessed with the letter of the law, they forgot the meaning of the law, and in turn, Jesus was sent to be our salvation and to demonstrate the fulfillment of the law and its purpose so that we may believe.

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