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The Path You Travel

As we live in a world with mixtures of good and bad people, we have learned to live with them (Matthew 10:16, Luke 10:3) as we put on our armor of Truth.

The human mind is a complex network of thoughts that can complicate our emotional feelings. Some thoughts will question you into second thoughts, much like how you have a little voice of good and evil. Whatever decision you decided will determine your spiritual growth.

The wolf under the outer appearance steers the connection further away from God as you proceed for your desires. The longer you stay in the spiritual growth of lies, greed, mischievous, deceiving others, and gossips, you will have a hard time rerouting your path through the storms of darkness into the light.

Life is not easy to navigate. It’s a constant spiritual welfare every day for those who don’t put God first, haven’t prayed daily, or have lost faith.

A perfect time to start changing your bad habit is right now for the next 40 days. You don’t have to wait until the start of Lent season. You can start today, tomorrow, or whenever you feel ready as long as you practice the change for several days.

Put your trust in God. Forgive yourself before you can forgive others, then ask God for forgiveness. The Joy comes after forgiveness!

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