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Where God Dwells.

Have you ever experienced the time when you were outside and saw the beauty of the sunlight reflected through the trees in the mornings or evenings? The beauty that draws you to know that all right is in this world at that present moment? Is it beautiful and magical, isn’t it?

You experienced a small fraction of God’s Grace. You see, everything in nature is praising the resurrection of Christ every day, every hour, and every minute. Take a moment the next time you go outside or whatever oasis of yours you have that you can find solitude with Nature, be still for a few minutes, and listen—praise/pray along with them. Your prayers carried along with Nature’s praises. The silence of God dwells everywhere. You have to believe.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on thee. Isaiah 26:3

Nothing in Nature is unknown to Him. Nothing in the world is hidden from Him. Noting is absent because God created it all from Heaven’s height to the depth under Earth. All spirits in Nature are His. God is always in presence with us, within us, and everywhere at once that we can never escape from him. No matter how hard your heart shuts him out, God never leaves. Nature to a saint is sacramental whence Nature is God’s Cathedral.

The beauty in Nature is not hard to find. It takes time to open up your heart because the joy comes after forgiveness. God is closer than you think because, in Nature, He is there who provides for you.

The animals that roam the Earth, birds that fly in the air, and fish in the waters’ depth are also part of the Spirit of God. The animal kingdoms have no trouble finding God because they know God. So, yes, all dogs, cats, and all other pets do go to Heaven. Animals are here for us to see the beauty of God in them. Looks can be deceiving, but the spirit is glorious that in time returns to God. This goes the same with our body that is returned to Nature while our Soul returns to God.

The Native Americas and Celtic have their way of honoring the animal they hunt. They gave thanks and respected the moment after they captured their game before picking up off the ground. It is disrespectful not to pay respect to the game they killed. Otherwise, Nature will not play nice with you.

Love Nature is to love God.

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